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yeah its me, that DnBchick zoE's Journal
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Friday, October 13th, 2006
3:35 pm
I think I will try and start writing in my journal again...........
Its been way toooooo long since I wrote.

So the first thing I am going to write will be short and sweet.

Coming home for thanksgiving. Ya, thats short but coming home will be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Saturday, April 3rd, 2004
2:21 pm
What do I want to do with my life?
Not knowing how I should feel.......SUXS. I dont know what I want with anything. I'm confused. Lost. Why?? I have no idea.
Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
12:29 am
Dont u hate it when...........
you are half way through from writting a long journal entry and your computer fucks up and deletes it all...........................grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.................cause now I am too tired to write it all back again.


Im out like sprouts........~!~ZoE~!~

Current Mood: tired, buzzed and high
Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
9:13 pm
Guess what????
I am coming on the 10th (which is a saturday) and coming back to san fran on the 14th (which is a tuesday)....Yay, my sis was the one who bought my ticket today, so this is for sure. Make plans for me guys,

cauase I wanna see u all.

<3<3 zoe
Friday, February 13th, 2004
2:12 am
Party Monster.....
I have not yet seen this movie, but a friend lent me her copy and told me to read it and so far its the most fascinating book I have read. Just love the way James st. James wrote it. Funny and intriguing. Almost done with the book and hopefully the movie is as good as the book.
Thursday, February 12th, 2004
2:25 pm
Oh, what a tangle web we weave......
And my web is slightly getting into a bigger tangle. Is this month going to be the craziest month for my love life or what??? As much as I would love to get into full detail asap, I have such little time or rather no time, cause I have to get ready for work.

1. I sold a $12 dollar belt for $60.
2. One guy tipped me $130 bucks at the vodka bar I worked at and I barely made conversation with him.
3. We are getting free puma gear to wear as our uniform at the vodka bar. And there will be puma parties....
4. Got the hottest hair cut ever, cause everyone kept telling me how much they loved it....makes me feel good.

thats all the time I have for to write...so til next time


PS I just got my friends (joanne) package today ....YAY....thank u love u miss u
Thursday, February 5th, 2004
1:15 pm
I bartended at my job on tuesday night all by myself and it was awesome. It was kind of a slow night, but I made $220, which was fucking great. Now I wanna bartend really badly. I only bartended at my job cause my friend Nina (bartender) was sick and no one could really cover for her. I'd like to say I did a great job and it was pretty easy to me. I did have acouple of drinks listed on one napkin to help me out.
Tuesday, January 27th, 2004
2:18 pm
More of Jan......
So I have been working 2 jobs only since sometime mid dec; cocktailing. And I am making good money. Most of the time walking out with at least a $100 or so. And you would think I would beable to save up money and go home, BUT I eat out all the time and thats whats hurting my pocekets. I really have to learn how to budget.

SO My friend Justin Martain is a really good house Dj who also produces tracks. He has a track out called sad piano, which is doing really well. Even Mark Farina plays this track. Anyways, The guy from "everything but the girl" heard his track and is flying him out to london for the weekend. All expenses paid. He's really going to make it as a superstar Dj, I believe. Rememeber you heard it from me first....lol. I've heard alot of tracks that hes made, and they are fucking amazing.

Anywho, some of my friends are going to london with him. I was invited to go and my friend Nelly was going to spot me for my ticket, but I cant do it. Well, one, my friend realized that she doesn't have enough on her card. Plus its short notice and I dont have any money saved. I am sure there will be more Lodon trips to go to. Plus we are all deciding to go to Hawaii around 420. That should be fun. And I can plan ahead.

I really do love it out here in San Francisco, so many awesome ppl.

1:51 pm
Time is just flying by.......
Jan. is almost over and I feel like alot has already happened in less then a month.

Lets start off with that this is my second day of being single. This is the second time my EX-bf has broken up with me and this time, I dont mind. Its really petty if I may say so. I am not really sure why, but it had to do with me wanting to go out and party instead of seeing him first. That has only happened twice, but what ever. For someone who has his background, I find it to be very hipocritical of him. He wants to see me to day and hang out. Tells me he will always love me. He sounded really happy over the phone, hmmmmm......, I wonder if its cause of me or if hes trying to make himself happy about the break up. Whatever the case may be, I wish I can sound as happy as he does.

I need to be single. He didnt do all the little things in the relationship that every girl needs. In a way, I understand why he is the way he is, and its cause of how he was raised or how he grew up, but I shouldnt have to be unhappy for it. I know he tried and meant well, but I wish I could of done something to open up his eyes. We were together for almost 6 months.

Anyways, I need to really hold out for the next guy that comes along, cause I am going to make sure hes everything I want and need. I'm just glad to be single again. Dont get me wrong, I love my ex, and I do feel alittle sad, but everythings meant for a reason.
Monday, December 1st, 2003
5:20 pm
Another short sentenced and to the point entry........
I finally moved to my new place.

My Boyfriend told me he Loves me.

Thanksgiving would have been better with my own family.

Refuse to talk to my dad (hes been trying to get me to call him), maybe for his birthday I'll call him.

Finally got a bed and a TV.

Quit my sushi, server/cocktail, job.......makes me happy now.

Got a new job at a nice little bar as a cocktail server. My outfit is going to be all puma gear and they are suppling the uniforms *woO hOo*.

Thats 3 jobs all over again.

All my roommates are potheads, so I have been smoking more then usual.

Haven't done any drugs since halloween *praises self* and weed dont count =p

My friend Micheal is moving back home to Chicago tomorrow.

My friend Danielle is coming to vist me in the 2nd weekend of Dec.

Still uncertain if I will beable to come home for the holidays.
Thursday, November 13th, 2003
2:16 pm
I never know where to start in my journal.....

So I LOVE my new job. Its in North Beach (thats what the area is called). In 2 days I have made $230 dollars just cocktailing and that is on the slow nights (tues. and wed.). *YAY*...even though I have already spent half of that...eeeekkk. I am bad with money, but I can kind of justify it.

You see, I lost one of my earrings. One of my 2gage talins, so sad I was. So I had to borrow my friends earrings til I had enough money to buy my own. They are really sweet earrings and they cost me $120. That hurt the wallet alot, but its worth it, I think anyways. They are curvy and pointy, the way I like my earrings.

Anywho, I am suppose to move out by the end of the month. I really need to start saving money for furniture. I have a futon, but thats all I have and I really should stop shopping and buying clothes all the time. I think I really do have a shopping problem, but anyways, I look good...hehe.

Theres so much more to write, but as usual, so little time.

Monday, November 10th, 2003
2:14 pm
Its been awhile, as usual........
I have taken sometime at a cafe to actually write in my journal. Its about damn time some of u say???....Well u are right.

I am not sure where to start, but I think I will just have to give brief descriptions of whats been going on with me: (and not in any order) :

1. I have a BF, Devlin.
2. Dating for about 2 months and official for about 3 weeks, so in total, almost 3 months together.
3. I just got a third job again, at a strip club, NOT STRIPPING, but learning how to bartend while I cocktail there. My Friends BF is going to teach me.
4. Other 2 jobs are still working at Wet Seal, and at a sushi restaurant as a server/cocktail waitress.
5. Moving again, cause the rent will be $150 dollars cheaper and its with people I know.
6. Hopefully going to chi to visit for christmas.
7. Partying not as much anymore.
8. NOt doing as much drugs anymore, not to say I was doing alot, but just taking a LONG break from doing anything (weed doesnt count).

ya, thats alittle with what has been going in with me.

I miss having a computer, cause then I could go into full detail on what really has been going on with me, but until then........

Saturday, September 27th, 2003
5:48 am
Where do I start......

I have no idea, but the first thing that pops up in my head is.......Dev. Now where do I begin there?? Well we have been seeing each other for a month or so. After the camp out I went to this past weekend, hes liked me even more.

Oh yes the camp out, it was a 3 day (likearavebutnot) party basicly. Friday night the musik was way to mellow, wasn't digging it all all, except for the dub they played in the beginning. Sugar candy was the choice that night.

Saturday, was the best. Ate a cap and stem and was good for a long time. Then at night, was pure molicules. Had to cause it was pure and so much fun. The musik was awesome. It was like ...........................

as my friends call me down so I can get off this comp...grrr...I write more another time.


Current Mood: high
Tuesday, September 9th, 2003
3:08 am
Finally moved out, so I have my own room.....*YAY*. Found roommates on craigslist.com, so I live with 2 males who are very chill.

I dont have any furnature, which suxs, but my friend Micheal's friend is giving me her nice futon and TV tomorrow, but how the hell am I going to move that to my place tomorrow. I work til like 11pm and I have no tranportation. Maybe I will ask this guy I am seeing if I can use his truck to ship it to my place. I am in dying need of a bed, cause I hate sleeping on the floor. I have actually been staying over Dev's house, to avoid my hassels of bad sleeping.

Nothing is serious with me and Dev, but my feelings are growing for him, so I am debating to cut him off. I dont know what to do, cause I dont see him being serious and I dont know if he is the right person to be serious with. Blah...I guess I will let things flow, but who knows.

I want my friend John to come down and visit me, but I dont see that happening, but I will still hope.

Feeling alittle buzzed right now and I really should be in bed, but I am able to go online, since I am back at Micheals place so I can sleep on a bed. Just didnt feel like bothering Dev this time around for a place to crash.

I am getting to a point where I want to care for someone and love them, so there is no more need to have my fun. It suxs that I havent found anyone to captivate my interests, but I guess things do take time. I wont search cause in the end, I will have been found, by someone awesome, so I hope.

me and my hopeless romantic thoughts, that I hide from the world.

I think I need to be saved...yada yada yada...that was just another random thought.

<3 zoe

Current Mood: high
Wednesday, August 27th, 2003
9:28 pm
I saw Starszzzzzzzz...............
I had in orgasm.........

And I saw stars. ;o)

Current Mood: peaceful
Sunday, August 24th, 2003
12:32 pm
Its been awhile........
since I wrote.

Alot is always going on with me lately. Just been a busy bee with work. Now where do I wanna start???

Ok, so I am down to only 2 jobs right now cause my spa job decided to replace me, and I will tell u why......

I have only worked there 2 saturdays from 9am-6pm and when I started I was told by my friend that once 6pm came that I can leave, so I would even though I didn't get a chance to finish closing out cause I had to go to my second job. Plus there would still be clients left over after 6pm, so instead of communicating with me and saying, "Hey, we need someone who can stay longer, but if u can't then we understand....and blah blah blah...." They just decided to let me go, but whatever. When I think about it, I am better off cause It was killing my friday night outtings.

I still plan to get another job, which is in the works. I am applying for a server/coctail waitress job at a sushi lounge. And I know I wont have a problem getting it, cause someone I know put in a good word for me.

Now about my living situation. My friend Joann decided not to move out with me, so I wanna kick her butt for that, but I am a forgiving person, so I won't =p. I will be moving out of this place at the end of the month for sure. I have 3 rooms for rent to check out and they are in awesome places. 2 of them are on haight street. If you dont know about the haight street area out here, it is like a belmont and clark from chicago, but only better, and its not the gay district. San fran has another area for that, but not like it would of mattered to me if it was.

Anywho, I have about $600 saved in my checking account and almost $50 bucks in my savings. I still have my last check from the spa to deposit, which that is like $250 just about, so by friday (cause thats payday) I will have about $1500 + all together by then. Cause I will be getting a check from my retail and cocktailing job. And thats not including the tips I will be making on thursday, friday, and saturday.

I seriously am proud of myself for saving up money. I mean I seriously would have had alot more, BUT I have spent I wanna say almost $400 dollars on either clothes or going out and eating out in the past 2 weeks or so. Oh well, I am doing fine, plus my mom is going to send me about $200 bucks just to help me out, so no worries on me cause I am doing awesome.

I can't wait to get out of here and buy my own bed and stuff.

*screams in excitement...aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh....=p*

As for my love life, I went out with someone I was interested in on friday. I dunno how things are going to work out with him, but I dont mind just being friends. I seriously just want to meet someone who is going to blow my mind away. Like make me in aww of him. For the time being, I am just going to do my thang, and be independant, like I always have been. This city is awesome.

When I get a chance I am going to read everyones journal entries that I have missed for the past 2 months, cause I need to catch up and see how everyone is. Once I get situated, I plan on coming home to visit.

I am really happy right now *cheesy smiles*

Everything is meant for a reason "EVERYTHING"....Things have to happen in certain ways, to lead you through different paths that will take you on a ride for the rest of your life.

Does that make sense?


Current Mood: optimistic
Saturday, August 9th, 2003
12:00 am
Can you say....Work-O-holic......
So I think I am on my way to a 4th job. This is how bad I want to beable to move out of this place to finally getting my own place with my own things. Plus it is hella expensive out here, so thats why I need all these jobs. Money, Money, Money. Thats what everyone's lives revolve around, cause it just does.

The forth job will be another cocktail waitressing job. I have an interview this tuesday, but whos to say if I will really get it, but we will see. And I start my 3rd job tomorrow at the spa. Kind of nerves about that, but I am sure I will do fine, hopefully. What I truly love about this job is the fact that I will get all my waxing down for free *WOO HOO*....*jumps up for joy* Plus I will get cost on all of these really expensive products. Hopefully I will get free facials too.

So the reason why I am working so much is, because I plan to move out at the end of the month. And I am trying to have at least a $1000 by sept. 1st. Possibly more, but who knows. I already have $200 so far. And I am sure I will have at least $350 by the end of this week. Sacrificing my social life for a month is going to sux, but I gots to do, what I gots to do...LOL.

I need my own room, my own space. Basicly my own everything.

God, I wanna go shopping soooooooooooooooo freaking bad *cries*, oh well. Maybe I can find me a young hot sugar daddy to buy me everything...hehe....if that were only possible...lol.

So I haven't met any guys to my liking. Haven't gotten layed in almost 3 weeks. No fun, but then again, I am not looking for anyone. Or rather, no guy has come across my interest. I don't really care to call my F-buddy/friend. I am just like whatever with him, cause my interest in him has faded. He is the only guy I have been with sexually since I have been here, probably my last for a while anyways.

I do have a date with this british guy I met at my job this saturday though. I was interested in him at first, but now I have lost interest already. He leaves back to England monday. I figuered I would be nice and invite him to this art gallery/hip hop show that my roommates are throwing Saturday night. Its hard for him to get ahold of me cause I have been working alot, so I am not sure if I will see him before he leaves, but whatever.

I seriously need to find one job that pays well enough for me to live on.

I have to be up in about 5 hours to get ready for work, so I think I should go to bed now. I feel like there is more I have to write but I can't think of anything.


CAnt wait to go to the 3 day campout thats going to happen in september...yay. =p

Current Mood: exhausted
Monday, August 4th, 2003
1:08 am
*YAY*.....my roomie has a computer WITH internet..........
So my friend Micheal (the roomie) got a computer from our other roommates brother. And after fucking with it for almost 2 weeks, he finally got the internet to work.....*YAY* fucking *YAY*...lol. Now I will beable to go online more often now :D

Things are going good with me. I like my cocktail waitressing job alot, especially the fact that I will beable to get money everytime I work. I think I will be getting another job like that, and if so, then I will be quitting my retail job soon.

Man, I seriously work alot. Maybe getting at least one day off a week, which suxs, but thats what you got to do when you want to get the things you want in life.

Anywho, I got a hair cut and I wish I had pics to show it off, cause I LOVE it. My hair was getting pretty long (passed my shoulders) and I wanted to try to keep it long, but after seeing a cute hair style in a mag, I just had to get it cut short, well to my neck anyways. Lots of choppy layers :o)

So I have been partying WAY to much, especially these past 2 weekends. Right now I am soo tired, yet I feel the need to stay up alittle longer just to be online...lol.

So today I got a cell phone. It kind of feels weird, cause its been such a long time since I had one. Its only for the metro area of San Fran, but I am sure people from out-of-state can call me. I just can't call them. This girl at work sold it to me and she gave me a really good deal.

Need sleep, so I will try to wrote more tomorrow.

xoxo zoe
Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
2:45 am
Lots of time to write..................
So I am staying over my friend Joann's house...and *YAY* to the fact that she has internet...LOL.

This past weekend was the hardest I partied in a very long time. So I will start with Friday....

Friday night after working from 4:30pm til 9:30pm, I decided to go to this club/bar with a co-worker. Luckly she new the door guy and the guy who owned the club, cause I was hella (hehe) broke that night. Well I only had $5 dollars to my name, but I got in free and I had a long island and me and my friend shared 2 martini's. So that was fun. Danced to some deep house musik and then me, my friend and 2 other people walk outside of the club to smoke a bowl, thats where I think everything went down hill from there....LOL....cause I don't remember drinking anymore after that, but my night was kind of a blur afterwards. I remember dancing with these 2 girls. I don't know how we actually started talking. Some how I was invited to go with them and there guy friends to some strip club. Winded up watching strippers and the guys would give me dollar bills to give to them. I think I talked to one of the strippers, BUT have no clue what we were talking about. Don't rememeber getting into a car with them. *ya, bad I know* Nor do I remember telling them where I lived, BUT some how I winded up home, cause I do remember getting out of the car to get in. And woke up later that morning thinking, "How did I get home?"

All I have to say is "THANK GOD I was with good people," and me being drunk and then hitting a bowl is a big NO NO for me."

Anyways, I am ALIVE.

So on Saturday I had to work, which suxed, cause I woke up still drunk. Then later on in the night my friend Joanne invited me to this club called "DNA lounge", which was kool.

Afterwards, we went to this basement warehouse party, which was fun. It kind of felt like a rave though, cause alot of people were F**ked up. Like 6 poeple in the bathroom which the room only consisted of just the toilet, so imagine how small that is. Crammed up in there to do lines on top of the toilet. Craziness, I only know cause they were taking forever and holding up the line that someone just opened the door on them, so we saw it all. I danced my ass off.

I didn't get home til 6:30am and went to bed at 7am, cause I felt funky =p.

Woke up at 2:30pm to get ready for a boat party. That was sooo much fun. We had to be there at 6pm. Good house musik and some hiphop. It also felt like a rave on a boat....LOL....but only difference that people dressed in style. Plus alot of people were fucked up or looking to get that way. At least there was some good dancers though.

Afterwards, when the boat party ended at 11:30pm, it seem like the after party was at this bar called the Top, cause mostly everyone was there. This place was small and packed. I met this guy name phil on the boat cause I remember seeing him at the DNA Lounge Sat. night.

I think he is hot. He's 5'5 feet tall, but its all good =p. He has tattoo's all over and he's a tattoo artist. Plus, heres what tops it all, he can f**king dance, like WHOA *bites lip* *wets self*....LOL. He can break, pop, flex, all that good stuff. Just the way he can move his ass makes my mind wonder *wink* ;o).

The only reason I went to the top was cause he offered to pay for me, which was sweet of him. And he bought we bottled water....LOL...cause I didn't want anymore alcohol, so that was also nice of him. I will be hanging out with him real soon :D.

So went home at like 2:30am. I had to work at my cocktail waitress job at 3pm.

So ya, I think that was kind of hardcore partying, but alot of fun. Drinks, bud, and party favors, "oh my".


I like my cocktail waitressing job, so I might get another one, cause I don't wanna work at wet seal anymore. Retail sucks period.

All of sudden, it seems like all these job opportunnites just came flying my way, when I decided to leave, so now you know I am not coming back home, but am DIE-ING to come and visit.

Me and my friend Joanne plan to move out in 2 months, so I hope I can save up enough money and I seriously can't wait til it happens. So excited.

Oh yeah, for my birthday, I didn't really do anything too exciting. The night before (which was a sunday), Mark (friends w/benefits guy) felt really bad about flaking out on me on friday night, that he said to make up for it, he would treat me out to dinner. So I just considered it as a B-day dinner, which was awesome of him. We ate sushi and had sake. Then went to this bar to see a band perform, which was kool. Then I slept over his house....LOL. Yup, fun night.

Then the actual day of my b-day, I slept, made dinner, then hung out with a guy friend. He was going to take me out to dinner, but all the places were closed around where he lived. So I didn't mind fast food and krispy cream dounuts for dessert =p. Watched a movie and got high. Then went home.

So things have been great out here, so far. I wonder if Joanne is doing good in the army, If stacy had her baby, if things are going good with crystal and mandy? How everyone I know is doing.

still have mad love to all I know


Current Mood: tired
Saturday, July 26th, 2003
6:55 pm
soooooo much to write and soooo little time to write it as usual....
Well things are really good with me. I plan to move out with my friend joann in 2 months *YAY* and I have a second job as a cocktail waittress. Made lots of kool friends and things are awesome. I miss my friends dearly, so hopefully soon I can come home and visit.

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